What is Lofty?

Here for the first time? Learn how Lofty makes it beyond simple to invest in real estate and start earning rental income on day one.

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Learn more about Lofty by watching the 1 minute video below:

Lofty is a marketplace that lets you invest in U.S. rental properties for only $50.

We are based in Miami, Florida and have raised over $6 Million in Venture Capital funding from investors like Y Combinator, Hustle Fund, Jason Calacanis, Rebel Fund, and more.

Learn more about our team and mission by clicking here.

The benefits of investing in real estate with Lofty include:

  • Daily rental income - Earn rental income daily and withdraw anytime.

  • Property appreciation - Your ownership stake appreciates in value as the property appreciates.

  • No lock-up period - List your ownership stake for sale in our marketplace anytime.

  • Tax advantages - Benefit from favorable real estate tax deductions like depreciation.

  • Empowered ownership - Vote on all key property decisions, from repairs to rent changes.

  • Save time & energy - A property manager executes all vote decisions and handles the rest.

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