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How to Opt-in to an Asset in Your Algorand Wallet to Receive Your Tokens
How to Opt-in to an Asset in Your Algorand Wallet to Receive Your Tokens

Once you purchase tokens, you will have to opt-in to those tokens in your Algorand wallet

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All Lofty accounts come with a wallet attached by default, also known as the "Lofty Wallet". The vast majority of our users use this wallet by default, because it provides a much easier user experience especially for users who are not familiar with blockchain technology or usage. If you use the Lofty wallet, you can ignore the "opt-in" process as it's not necessary for you.

In order to receive your Lofty Tokens, you will first need to opt-in to the asset in your Algorand Wallet.

Each Lofty property has a specific asset, or ASA (Algorand Standard Asset). This asset is just a token that represents ownership in the specific property you invested in.

To truly have ownership in a property, you need to hold the asset in your Algorand wallet.

Why do I have to opt-in?

By opting in to the asset, you are giving Lofty permission to send you your tokens. If there was no opt-in, then anyone could send you their tokens and your wallet would be filled with a bunch of tokens you don't want.

Below you will see the screen you are presented with after you purchase a token with any payment method.

We have put together video tutorials on how to opt-in to an asset using the Pera Algorand Wallet Mobile App.

How to opt-in to an asset with your Pera Algorand Wallet Mobile app

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