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Tokens Can be Listed for Sale Anytime on the Lofty Marketplace
Tokens Can be Listed for Sale Anytime on the Lofty Marketplace

Learn how to sell your tokens on the Lofty Marketplace.

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Property tokens that you own can be listed for sale on the Lofty Marketplace in less than a minute.

The fee for selling property tokens directly to other investors is 2.5%.

To list your tokens for sale, first go to the Lofty Marketplace.

Once there, click on the property you would like to sell your tokens in. You can easily see which properties you own tokens in the card with the option to buy and sell.

Once you've opened the property page, click the Sell button on the bottom right hand side, as seen in the image below.

After you click the Sell button, you will be able to place a sell limit order to sell your tokens.

We will walk through each of the fields above in the sections below.

Property token quantity

Property token quantity is the total number of property tokens that you want to include in your sell order.

Above this field, you will see an indicator of the total number of available tokens you are able to sell, based on your selected wallet.

Property token source

Here, you will select the wallet holding the property tokens that you want to sell.

This will either be your Lofty Wallet or an External Wallet (Pera or MyAlgo).

Accepted currency

This is the currency you agree to receive in exchange for your tokens.

Initially, sellers must accept all crypto payment methods including ALGO, USDC, and STBL, but we are working to enable selection of a specific currency.

Limit price per token

This is the price per token that you will accept. Your sell order can only match with a buyer that is willing to pay at least this price.

The limit price is automatically set to HouseCanary's valuation of your tokens, which is the recommended price based on the current valuation of the property. HouseCanary is the largest property valuation company and is widely considered to set the industry standard for residential real estate valuations.

If you prefer to list your tokens for sale at a different price, you can enter that price in the field shown below.

Order expiration

This is the count of days after which your order will expire and any unfilled portion of your order will be cancelled. The order expiration is a fixed 30 days for now; Lofty will allow you to change this in the future.

If your order expires, your unsold tokens will be returned to your Lofty Wallet upon order expiration. Tokens are returned to your Lofty Wallet even if the token source was an External Wallet in order to guarantee that you receive your returned tokens.

Preview order

Once you have filled in all of the information above, click the Preview order button at the bottom right of your screen.

You will then be able to preview your sell limit order before submitting it.

Submit order

Once you confirm the information is correct, click Submit order to list your tokens for sale on the Lofty Marketplace.

If you are using Lofty Wallet, you are done! If you are using an External Wallet, you must manually open the wallet and sign the transaction within 60 seconds of clicking Submit, otherwise your order will not be submitted.

You have now officially listed your tokens for sale on the Lofty Marketplace and your sell order is now active.

Now your sell limit order is active, and your tokens are sent to escrow where they are securely stored (you still own them and still receive rent). Your tokens will be automatically sent to a buyer if the order is matched. The moment that your order is matched, you will receive the proceeds in your Lofty Wallet. If your order expires or you cancel it, your tokens will be returned to your Lofty Wallet.

If you navigate back to the property page, you will see an Open sell order button.

Click this button to view your sell order in detail.

Here, you can also cancel your order and see any order updates as well.

You can also access all orders in your Order history menu โ€” just click an given order to see the order detail view.

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