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Does my Ledger device work with Lofty?
Does my Ledger device work with Lofty?

How to use the Ledger Nano "X" with Lofty

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Yes, you can use the Ledger Nano X with Lofty by following the steps below:

  • Visit the Lofty Marketplace

  • Click the property listing you want to invest in

  • Click "invest"

  • Log In or Sign Up if you aren't yet logged in

  • Chose your payment method

  • Accept the exchange rate you see in the payments dialog box

  • Click the "Pera Wallet" button to initiate payment

  • Accept the transaction in Pera Wallet - a notification will not be sent, you have to have the wallet open, this is a limitation of Pera Wallet

  • You ALSO must sign the transaction in Ledger, it should preferably be open while you’re accepting the transaction in Pera Wallet

After you complete these steps, the Lofty will detect and complete the transaction.

If the opt-in step fails or is skipped, you can manually complete opt-in as follows:

  • Connect your Ledger device via Bluetooth to your phone

  • Choose the Algorand app on your Ledger

  • Open Pera Wallet and choose your Lofty wallet address

  • Click "+ add" (top right highlighted in yellow)

  • Type the asset ID in the search box

  • Click on the asset and then click "approve"

  • Pera Wallet will try to connect to your Ledger Nano X

  • Follow prompts if successfully connected

After you complete these steps, your Ledger wallet will have successfully opted into the Lofty token asset ID. Outstanding Lofty tokens are automatically issued within 1 hour of completing this step.

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