How to add an external crypto wallet

Learn how to link an external wallet to hold property tokens or use as a payment method

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External Algorand wallets such as Pera Wallet or Defly Wallet can be used to hold your Lofty tokens or as a crypto payment method. Visit Settings > Wallet and follow the steps below to link an external Algorand wallet to your Lofty account.

Please note, you can link one external wallet at a time. If you have already linked an external wallet, and wish to switch external wallets, you can do so by following the steps below as well.

1. Click on the "Add" button, located on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

2. Choose your preferred Wallet Manager

3. Link your existing Algorand wallet, such as with Pera Wallet using Wallet Connect, as shown below

4. After you link your Algorand wallet, the new wallet will be displayed under your Lofty Wallet tab, as shown in the picture below. This can be set as your preferred wallet by clicking the "Set As Default Payment Method" button, located under the wallet address of your external wallet.

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