How to Send and Receive Assets with Lofty Wallet

Learn how to transfer assets with Lofty Wallet

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Your Lofty Wallet can be used to hold Algorand-based assets including Algorand, USDCa, and STBL.

Lofty Wallet can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Invest in Lofty Properties

    • Use Lofty Wallet as your default payment method on Lofty. This would be a good idea in situations where you want to avoid the ACH settlement time or the Credit/Debit Card processing fees.

    • To use Lofty Wallet as a payment method, be sure to pre-load your Lofty Wallet prior to making of a Lofty token purchase.

    • To pre-load, use the Lofty Wallet "Receive" feature to receive eligible assets that you send from an external source, such as an exchange that supports Algorand-based assets like Tinyman, or an external Algorand wallet that is already funded.

  • Manage Lofty Rental Income

    • You can optionally withdraw and store your rental income as crypto, and if you do so, you can store it on Lofty Wallet.

    • You can then use those funds on or outside of Lofty.

  • Use as a General Crypto Wallet

    • You can use Lofty Wallet like any other Algorand-based crypto wallet, which means you can store any Algorand-based asset, from cryptocurrency to NFT.

Follow the steps below to send and receive crypto assets with Lofty Wallet:

Receive funds with Lofty Wallet

Head to your Lofty Wallet Account settings. Under "Lofty Wallet", your wallet address will be displayed. Click anywhere in the Lofty Wallet section to view your account details.

Click on "Receive" to view your wallet address. It is recommended you copy and paste this directly.

Send funds with Lofty Wallet

After you click into your Lofty Wallet to view your account details, click on the "Send" button located on the upper right hand side.

After you click on "Send", you will be prompted with the following screen. Here you will enter the recipient wallet address, asset to send, and quantity. Then click "Preview Transfer"

You will now see the transaction details. Please confirm the information displayed is correct, as the transaction can not be reversed after it has been sent.

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