Lofty already helps you easily invest in real estate with over 140 properties in our marketplace. But we understand that sometimes there are opportunities you want for yourself and friends.

With Lofty Select, you’re in the driver’s seat. You source the property of your dreams, and we make the rest easy!

From legal docs to property management and easy cash out, we’ve got you covered. Our streamlined experience is second to none.

Whether you're looking to invest on your own or with your closest friends, Lofty Select is the perfect way to take your wealth-building journey to new heights. The entire investment process is facilitated from end-to-end.

Here's how Lofty Select Works

1️⃣ Select any property in the U.S. 🇺🇸

  • Pick any type of property in the U.S., whether that’s an Airbnb, a rent-to-own property, a parcel of land, a storage facility, apartment complex…your choice.

  • You can invest in the property entirely your self, or co-invest with up to 20 people (friends or co-investors you meet in the “Lofty Select” Discord channel)

  • Optionally get a mortgage for a leveraged investment (referrals to top lenders provided upon request)

2️⃣ Close on the property without the busy work

  • This includes an inspection, appraisal, HouseCanary Agile Evaluation, offer, ownership agreement, and dedicated bank account setup

3️⃣ Own your property without the landlord headaches🍹

  • Vote on key decisions, and a professional property manager handles the rest

  • Boost your returns with exclusive property management discounts of close to 50% off for some markets

  • Receive daily rent payment (if you are buying a property with rent)

4️⃣ Keep full control of your investments without getting locked in 💸

  • Optionally list your property on our marketplace for unprecedented liquidity

🚀 Get Started with Lofty Select

  1. Join the “Lofty Select” Discord channel to meet like-minded investors you can optionally co-invest with.

  2. Complete this short form to sign up for Lofty Select.

⚙️ Investment Proposals and Acquisition Process

Phase 1: Gather Interest

  • Invite interested parties to a proposal meeting to share the investment details, discuss the terms of the operating agreement, and review potential co-investor investment amounts

Phase 2: Property Search

  • Search for properties with your co-investors and reach out to Lofty at [email protected] once you've found a property you want to move forward with

  • After you’ve agreed on a property and offer price, your offer will be made to the seller

  • If the seller accepts the offer, the property will be put under contract via a newly created DAO LLC

  • The offer would come with an inspection and appraisal contingency

  • A Earnest Money Deposit will be sent to the seller by the co-owners, usually equal to 3-5% of the purchase price

Phase 3: Closing

  • After the inspection and appraisal are approved, investors must pay the remaining investment amount and sign the partnership Operating Agreement five business days before the closing date

Phase 4: Become an Owner

  • When all payments and documents have been received and signed, the DAO LLC will close on the property and a separate bank account will be created for the DAO LLC

  • On the closing date you and any co-investors will become the official owners

  • Once closed, the Property Manager will begin marketing your property for rent (if property is vacant) and your property insurance will be fully set up

  • Collect daily rent and withdraw anytime like you would with any other Lofty property!

🕵️ FAQ

If I buy a property with friends, how many friends to I need to bring?

The minimum number of friends depends on whether or not you would like the property listed on the Lofty Marketplace by default. A minimum of 7 people (including yourself), where no one person owns more than 15% of the property, is required to by default have the property listed on the Lofty Marketplace

Why would I want my Lofty Select property listed on the Lofty Marketplace?

Life happens, and you may want sell some or all of your holdings. You can sell 100% of the property through the typically slow and expensive sale via a traditional real estate agent (typically a 6% fee, weeks or months to sell). Or you could quickly sell a specific amount of the property ownership on the Lofty (2.5% fee, hours to weeks to sell))

If I buy a property via Lofty Select, how can I eventually sell it?

  • You can list it on the Lofty marketplace (fast, 2.5% selling fee). To launch a property on the Lofty marketplace, the property must (1) meet our eligibility requirements; and (2) voting power will be reduce to 15% for any original owner with >15% ownership.

  • Alternatively, you can sell the property yourself via a real estate agent of your choosing (slow, typically 6% selling fee).

Who handles bookkeeping and taxes?

You’ll benefit from the same experience as users investing in properties in the Lofty Marketplace. Bookkeeping is handled for you, and you'll receive a filled out K-1 at the end of the year with depreciation factored in.

How much does Lofty Select cost?

  • 3.5% fee for the buyer

  • If you later decide to sell your property via the Lofty Marketplace, you pay a flat sell fee of 2.5% which is less than half of the 6%+ fee you would normally pay if selling the property yourself outside of Lofty

Is there a minimum property investment amount for Lofty Select?

The minimum property investment amount is $100,000. Finance the investment yourself, or with up to 10 friends, and optionally get a mortgage.

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