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Sell Your Property on Lofty
Sell Your Property on Lofty

Learn how to sell equity in your properties with zero friction.

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Lofty makes it easy for property owners to sell equity in their properties with zero friction, no interest payments, and low fees.

The traditional property sales process can take months with fees typically around 6%. Throughout this process, property owners must deal with multiple real estate agents, buyers, lenders, title companies and more. It's a nightmare.

Lofty makes this process 10X better for property owners.

Now, you can sell equity in your property to thousands of interested investors in minutes, without going through a traditional closing process.

To get started selling your property's equity, complete this brief survey with more information about your property.

Benefits of selling your property on Lofty

✅ Sell equity in your property whenever you'd like for a low fee of 2.5%

✅ Realize your equity without having to get a HELOC and make interest payments

✅ Tap into the significant equity you’ve built without relinquishing complete ownership

✅ No closing process means no more dealing with agents, lenders, buyers, and title companies

✅ Adjust your sales price anytime with just a few clicks

✅ Leverage institutional property management companies & insurance providers with lower fees to improve the profitability of your property

How to sell your property on Lofty

1️⃣ Order an inspection report and appraisal for your property 📝

  • In order to sell your property's equity on Lofty, you first need to have an inspection report and appraisal.

  • The inspection report and appraisal will be publicly available for all potential investors to view, before purchasing equity in your property.

2️⃣ Transfer the deed of your property to a new Wyoming LLC we've already formed ⚡️

  • The deed transfer process to a new Wyoming LLC is facilitated by First Title using a Quitclaim Deed, and takes just a few days.

  • Wyoming LLCs have a specific structure that allows for multiple people to purchase fractions of your property's equity on Lofty's marketplace.

4️⃣ List your equity for sale on the Lofty marketplace 🎉

  • Once the deed transfer is complete, a custom landing page will be created for your property.

  • List as much or as little equity on the Lofty marketplace as you'd like, at whatever price you'd like.

  • Once someone purchases your property equity, you will receive these funds instantly. Withdraw these funds to your bank account via ACH for no fees. It's that simple.

🚀 Get Started

To get started selling your property on Lofty's marketplace, complete this brief survey with more information about your property.

🕵️ FAQ

Can I sell my property if I currently have a loan?

Yes. You would simply transfer the deed of your property to the new Wyoming LLC we've created, but the loan would just remain under your name/original entity.

How do I determine the price my property is listed for on the marketplace?

The price you choose must be within 5% of the appraised value. E.g., If the appraised value of your property is $95,000, you could list your property for up to $100,000. You would then receive 2,000 fractions at $50 each to your Lofty account.

Can I sell my entire property on the Lofty Marketplace?

Yes, you can sell any portion of your property on the Lofty marketplace.

Who handles bookkeeping and taxes?

You’ll benefit from the same experience as users investing in properties in the Lofty Marketplace. Bookkeeping is handled for you, and you'll receive a filled out K-1 at the end of the year with depreciation factored in.

How much does it cost to sell my property on Lofty?

The only fee is a 2.5% marketplace fee whenever you sell equity in your property. E.g., If you sell 10 property fractions for $500, you would receive $487.50.

Who makes property decisions?

Property decisions are voted on via governance.

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