Learn how Lofty's rent-to-own model works.

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Lofty makes it beyond simple for renters to become part-owners in the properties they're renting.

There's no 50 page lease documents, upfront payments, or impractical lease-option terms.

It's as simple as signing up for an account by clicking here, and buying a fraction of the property you're renting. It costs less than $50 and takes just a few minutes.

By owning a fraction of the property you're renting, you are now a part-owner in the property. You receive rental income proportional to your ownership stake, along with the other investors, and you get appreciation benefits when the property sells. You can also sell your ownership back on our marketplace whenever you'd like. There's no lock-up period.

Over time, you can build up your ownership stake in the property and eventually own 100% of the property, if that is your goal.

It's by far the easiest way to build ownership in the property you're renting.

To purchase ownership in your property, simply head over to your property's specific property page via our marketplace.

Click here for an overview on how to purchase fractions of your property on the Lofty marketplace.

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