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How to Buy Property Instantly Using Market Orders
How to Buy Property Instantly Using Market Orders

Learn how to place market orders & buy real estate instantly

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The main benefit of the PMM (Proactive Market Maker) is to give people the ability, for the first time in history, to directly buy and sell ownership in a house (not a fund or a REIT) with the same experience as buying or selling a share of an Apple or Tesla stock.

Previously, users were only able to place Limit Orders, which were required to match with a counter-party before the transaction could be settled.

Now, users can place Market Orders which settle instantly, without the need for a counter-party to match the order.

How to Buy Property Tokens Instantly

Select on a property on the marketplace and click on the “Buy” button.

By default, the order type is now “Market”.

Select the amount of tokens you’d like to purchase by either choosing one of the "token quantity" options at the top, or by clicking "Custom" to enter in your desired token amount.

You can buy as many property tokens you’d like, granted the liquidity pool has enough tokens, and you have enough funds.

Click "Preview order" to see the fees associated with your purchase, and the locked-in market price before you make your purchase.

Click "Submit order". You will see a pop up screen once your order has gone through successfully. The property tokens will be sent directly to your default wallet linked to your Lofty account in the "Wallets" section.

Congrats! You just bought ownership in a property without directly buying it from someone else. You made a trade with an algorithm as your counter-party.

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