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How to Stake (Lend) USDC for Additional Return
How to Stake (Lend) USDC for Additional Return

Learn how to stake (lend) USDC for additional return

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For the first time ever, you can now directly access Lofty without going through KYC (Know Your Customer) to stake USDC against U.S. properties in exchange for yield.

Learn how to stake (lend) USDC in this video:

To stake USDC against U.S. properties, go to or click "Staking" at the top of the Lofty Homepage.

You will then be presented with the screen below (the number of available liquidity pools will fluctuate).

Here, you can see the available Liquidity Pools, as well as the Total Value Lent and the Avg. 7 day APY for the pools. The Average 7 day APY is calculated by taking the average daily transactional volume (and fees earned) over the last 7 days divided by the liquidity deposited currently in the pool and then annualizing that rate of return. This number can fluctuate over time. It's largely dependent on the overall trading volume for that property through the AMM as well as the amount of liquidity available currently.

Click “Connect Wallet” at the top right and connect your Pera or Defly Algorand Wallet.

Click the "Select" button for a property you'd like to stake USDC against. You will then see the following screen:

You will see that you have two options to stake USDC or your property tokens.

Enter the amount of USDC you would like to stake in the upper field:

In this example, 1,070.16 USDC has been staked. You will receive 1,070.16 Liquidity pool tokens to your linked wallet once the transaction goes through.

Click "Preview Deposit" and then "Confirm Deposit" per the image below to complete the transaction:

You’ll be greeted with either a success notification when your order goes through. Congrats! You just staked USDC against U.S. properties –– a world's first!

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