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If there isn't a liquidity pool for my property, can I help launch one?
If there isn't a liquidity pool for my property, can I help launch one?
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Yes. You now have the opportunity to launch a liquidity pool for a property you own at least 5% of the total tokens in

By doing so, you earn yield on both the USDC and property tokens you stake (lend), which can both be withdrawn later. You'll also now be able to sell additional tokens for your property instantly at market price. When tokens are sold (or bought) for your property by any investors, the yield increases for both your USDC and property token staking.

In order to have balanced liquidity pools with less price volatility, all pools launch with at least 5% of the total property tokens staked (lended) and 5% of the total market cap staked as USDC. This is called "seeding" the liquidity pool.

For example, to launch a pool for 4245 E 177th Pl, it must be seeded with 123 property tokens (5% of 2,454 total tokens) and 7,029 USDC (5% of market cap of $140,565).

If you are interested in seeding a liquidity pool with both property tokens and USDC (5% each), please reach out to [email protected] with the property you're interested in seeding, and we will launch your pool ASAP.

If you seed a new liquidity pool, you will also qualify for the recently expired Holiday Rewards Program, which pays you up to $1,000 extra on USDC staking.

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