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Earning Rental Income & Appreciation
Rental Income is Sent to Your Account Daily
Rental Income is Sent to Your Account Daily

You can withdraw your rental income anytime.

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You receive rental income every single day at around midnight UTC.

Rental income shows up in the Assets Overview section of your Lofty Dashboard under the Current Balance and can be withdrawn anytime.

To withdraw your rental income, click the orange Withdraw button.

Once you click the Withdraw button, you will be presented with a number of options to withdraw your rental income.

These options include:

  • Bank Transfer (ACH)

  • PayPal

  • Algorand

  • USDC (Algorand)

  • STBL (Algorand)

  • Donate to Charity

Choose how you'd like to receive your rent, E.g., PayPal.

Enter your PayPal email/username and then click Next

Choose the amount you'd like to withdraw, then click Withdraw. You will receive your rental income that same business day.

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