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Tokens Update in Value on a Monthly Basis
Tokens Update in Value on a Monthly Basis

Your tokens either appreciate or depreciate in value each month.

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Tokens update in value on a monthly basis starting 1 month after the property sale is recorded on the MLS.

The amount a token appreciates or depreciates is determined by using the HouseCanary Automated Valuation Model (AVM). HouseCanary is the largest property valuation company and is used by the majority of single family hedge funds like Invitation Homes and Amherst Holdings.

To determine the valuation of a property over time, we take the rate-of-change of the HouseCanary AVM of the property on a monthly basis, then apply that same rate-of-change to the principal value of your tokens on a monthly basis.

For example, if HouseCanary’s valuation of your property is $100,000 and then one month later it’s $105,000 – your tokens would increase from $50 each to $52.50 each (a 5% increase).

The HouseCanary valuation is updated once per month between the 28th-7th, which is when the principal value of your tokens will update as well. Every time the value of your tokens updates, there will be a report from HouseCanary attached which walks through exactly how their valuation was calculated.

You can view a sample HouseCanary report for 917 Pawnee Ave by clicking here.

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